The Walking Dead: Keeping the Zombie Fever Alive
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The Walking Dead: Keeping the Zombie Fever Alive

The Walking Dead: Keeping the Zombie Fever Alive , The Walking Dead TV film review

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After a series of latest zombie films which kept the zombie film genre going like Zombieland (2009), Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) and other barely known zombie films it will be clear to accept that the undead simply doesn’t come dead so easy indeed considering the inherent interests moviegoers are willing to allocate their time and money to pay for cinema tickets to keep on patronizing them. The twist of the film story will have little difference from scientific research gone wrong, black magic, and some ancient curse to justify a dead human being coming back to life with cravings to crunch human flesh as its primary urge. The styles of make-up and zombie behavior will vary from well defined decaying flesh to pale faces with sunken eyes and bloody mouths dripping with blood. The most horrible could be drawn by slow moving dead bodies that amazingly overtake its victims for a kill and in some horror-comedy versions, fast-running undead who are capable of climbing through walls and fences. Then of course we can’t ignore the style of killing, some zombie films define them to be put out of action by a blow or gunshot through the head and heart, other films prefer a severed head and so on. All this styles keep the same zombie film genre going for a slight variation and the effect is all for the viewer to take, to fear and appreciate or simply take as a crap in film production.

The Walking Dead comes as a different zombie film offering since it is a TV film series based on a comic book story that promises the same dose of fear on a regular basis. Having premiered on AMC (American Movie Classics) network 31st of October 2010, it followed a worldwide airing which received positive reviews as the most watch TV series on cable. Frank Darabont developed the adaptation of the comic book by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard for TV and did a wonderful job in assembling a credible cast of talented stars like Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (World Trade Center), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break) and Laurie Holden (Silent Hill).

The first season focused on a the life of Rick Grimes (Lincoln) who was recuperating on a hospital in coma after a gunshot wound sustained on duty while pursuing criminals as a law enforcer. Gaining back his consciousness, he realized he was alone in the hospital bed and finding his way out he was fazed being on his own with the undead apart from the usual world that he knew. Running his way to safety he managed to get help from a black man and his son who were not infected until he was fully capable and left them to find his way back to his wife and son. A ravaged world awaits with the undead outnumbering those who remained alive and were thriving on safe hideouts. A film about survival, teamwork and a world with a desperate future torn between a plague that animates the dead to seek out the living for food, this TV film is not for the soft-hearted but assures a cult following of people who don’t like to be scared but crave for it.


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Comments (24)

I did not know anything about Zombies until I read your well presented and detailed info. I am in the category of people who don't like to be scared, so you have helped me know this genre is not for me. Out of votes so buzzed it and twittered it too.

I've seen this and the in-the-making too, great job Will.

I hate zombie movies... too frightening for me, but a good review Will. If you say this is something different I'm going to recommend this one to my husband, thanks.

Thanks, Rob, Ron, Phoenix. The twist of the story is a bit different and the production is a bit convincing. I suppose you have to recommend this to your husband, Phoenix.

Fabulous write and review Will. I love this series,very intense and gripping. You know me I can't get enough of horror.

I like zombie movies. Will have to see this one. Nice review.

Me too, i don't quite like zombie movie.

I loved Zombieland!

It's good to know there's quite a lot of zombie fans more than I expect. Thanks a lot, everyone.


I could play one of those zombies! You just have to look half-dead.

Nothing like a good old Zombie movie...

I am not really much for zombie movies though

Very nice work deep blue

My youngest is obsessed with Zombies, he thinks they are hilarious. He would probably like this.

Oh Lord deep blue, don't with have enough zombies sitting in the halls of Congress? LOL Only your articles could make me read something on zombies...fine article review as always.

OMG!! That is the best thing I've ever heard!!!!!!!! lolololololol

Thanks for the reactions, everyone.

I go on an annual Zombie Walk in my hometown, having fun with it makes zombie scary movie a little less scary. Great Article!

Shaun of the Dead is my favorite.

Great presentation.I watch these movies although I sometimes hate the idea......Thanks for psting

I am really enjoying watching The Walking Dead which is airing in the UK at the moment. Also really liked Zombieland, not sure if it's quite as funny as our own Shawn of the Dead though!. really good review, thanks!

Returning with a well deserved vote up.

I love this show. You get my last vote for the day.