The Unlucky Vampire Diaries Characters: Ian Somerhalder's Damon, Nina Dobrev's Katherine & Steven R. McQueen's Jeremy
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The Unlucky Vampire Diaries Characters: Ian Somerhalder's Damon, Nina Dobrev's Katherine & Steven R. McQueen's Jeremy

This is a fun tribute to the misfortunes of The Vampire Diaries TV Show characters feat. Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev & Steven R. Mcqueen.

This article lists the unfortunate events that happened to The Vampire Diaries characters Jeremy Gilbert, Damon Salvatore and Katherine. This is a sequel to the article The Unlucky Vampire Diaries Characters Feat. Nina Dobrev's Elena Gilbert & Paul Wesley's Stefan Salvatore.

Katherine (played by Nina Dobrev):

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- When Katherine was a young woman centuries ago, she had the misfortune of having a baby out of wedlock in Bulgaria.

- Her father didn’t even let her hold her baby and because it was considered morally unacceptable, she was expelled from her home and family.

- She started a life in England, but there she became the prey for one of the original vampires who wanted to sacrifice her.

- She ran but realized that the vampire was only interested in a human sacrifice so she found a way to become a vampire.

- However her family was killed as a payback to her behavior. After that, Katherine ran away from her past and lived as a “selfish, manipulative and evil” vampire.

- After 500 years, she still has to run from Klaus.

- Stefan might prefer Elena over her.

Damon Salvatore (played by Ian Somerhalder):

- Damon fell in love with a girl in 1864. Her name was Katherine. Unfortunately, she loved fooling around with his brother Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) as well.

- She was a vampire.

- She preferred Stefan.

- He got killed trying to save Katherine. He was murdered by his own father.

- He was turned into a vampire by his own brother, against his own will.

- He spent an incredible time and energy to save Katherine from the tomb she was trapped in only to find out she had never been trapped there in the first place.

- He fell in love with Stefan’s girlfriend Elena.

- After a century and a half, the second woman he fell in love with (Elena Gilbert) - preferred Stefan.

- He almost lost Elena – even as a friend- when he “killed” her brother.

Jeremy Gilbert (Steven R. McQueen)

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- Elena’s younger brother Jeremy lost his parents to a car crash.

- He hooked up with a girl named Vicki Donovan - Matt’s sister. She really liked him but she always seemed to prefer the arrogant and not-so-nice football player Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino), who was Matt’s best friend.

- When he thought he finally got Vicki, Damon “turned” Tracy out of boredom. Tracy nearly killed both him and Elena.

- Damon erased his memory about Vicki but he later found out and didn’t forgive Elena.

- Later he fell for a girl named Anna (Malese Jaw), who also turned out to be a vampire.

- She got killed during his uncle’s vampire hunt.

- He tried to become a vampire, but Elena and Stefan saved him.

- He was nearly killed by Damon.

- He developed feelings for Elena’s witch best friend Bonnie (Katerina Graham), who doesn’t seem willing to return his affections.

- He tried to save Bonnie, resulting in Stefan’s entrapment with Katherine.

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