The Ultimate Twilight Saga Test - Read to Decide If You Will Enjoy The Twilight Movies
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The Ultimate Twilight Saga Test - Read to Decide If You Will Enjoy The Twilight Movies

This is Twilight movies trivia written for the people who haven't read the book and want to see if they will like the move.

Twilight movies got a lot of hype, both positive and negative. Women mostly loved it, especially if he books’ readers. Of course there were some men who enjoyed the films and some women who hated them. But instead of going to a movie, hating the experience and demanding the ticket price back, you can easily prevent the unpleasantness by testing whether this is the film for you. With some movies, things are not so obvious. Luckily, Twilight Saga is very transparent. I wrote reviews and plot facts about the movie. However, this article includes unique or unconventional traits of the movies not mentioned or emphasized by me before - so that you can make up your mind about them before paying to see them.

Twilight with Robert Pattinson and Kristin StewartImage via

The poster features Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) and Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart). 

As the poster and the tagline suggest, this is a romantic film.

New Moon with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Image via

As one of the many posters ofNew Moon indicates, the second film mostly revolving around a triangle.

Eclipse movie poster Image via

1. These are not thriller/action/horror films with romance as a side dish. There is no horror, just some amount of action. Romance/drama is the main genre.

2. The vampires are beautiful. Yes, Dracula had the talent to turn himself into a young, pretty man but these vampires are always pretty. They don’t use coffins or anything else to restore youth. They are also never ugly. They don’t have fangs or ugly faces. Their eyes are a certain color and they are unnaturally white, but that’s about it.

True Blood, Bill Image via

Above: True Blood's main vampire, the good and beautiful Bill (Stephen Moyer). But the audience gets to see his fangs. A lot.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer with David Boreanaz and Sarah Michelle Gellar Image via

In the popular TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, all vampires had two faces: A human face and a demon face. David Boreanaz played Angel (above). When he fought, wanted to scare people or got into a lot of pain, his face would swtich.

Angelus, David Boreanaz Image via

Angel got pretty ugly when he turned into a vampire.

3. The good vampires are good, even though they are not soulless. There are no grey areas. The evil ones are evil. There is only one flaw with the good ones. It is a momentary loss of control on Edward’s family’s side. That weakness will not satisfy you. The evil ones are your usual blood-thirsty, murdering creatures. But they are also pretty.

The Cullens, Twilight Image:

Above are the good vampires, the Cullen family. From left: Rosalie (Nikki Reed), Esme (Elizabeth Reaser), Carlisle (Peter Facinelli), Edward (Robert Pattinson), Emmett (Kellan Lutz), Alice (Ashley Greene) and Jasper (Jackson Rathbone).

Below: The Main Baddie, Victoria

Rachelle Lefevre  Image via

Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) - Twilight and New Moon. In Eclipse, Victoria was played by another beautiful actress.

4. The romance is not sexual. It is extremely sensual and there are no sex scenes through most of the movies. In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Buffy and Angel were afraid to have sex because Angel would lose his soul. And when they had sex, he really did lose his soul and turn into a regular, vicious vampire. However Edward Cullen is good soulless. Still, he has craving for human blood no matter how well he restrains himself. Bella’s scent is especially irresistible. He is also very strong. He is afraid of involuntarily hurting her.

5. There is also the fact that he is a gentleman from another era, when people married their loved ones and made love later. So there is no seductive, horny male leading vampire looking to seduce every skirt in sight. Or his girlfriend. If you want Dracula successfully applying seduction techniques, you can watch Bram Stoker’s Dracula with Gary Oldman or Dracula 2000 with Gerard Butler. Stuart Townsend also makes for very sexy vampire Lestat in Queen of the Damned. He is not necessarily evil, or good. Plus, he is also a rockstar. He is perfect if you are looking for a pretty vampire who can fall in love but still drinks human blood and kills humans in the process. And if Interview with the Vampire is your favorite vampire movie/novel, these may not be the best choices for you.

Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000 Image via

Dracula 2000, Gerard Butler.

Stuart Townsend, Queen of the Damned Image via

Stuart Townsend, Queen of the Damned.

6. The leading vampires have been turned into immortals at around 17. So they go to high school. If you don’t want high school scenes, stay away.

7. Bella is neither an interesting nor a multi-dimensional character. She is very plain and not very girlie. She is also introverted, socially awkward, very clumsy and fragile. Edward and Jacob pretty much center her universe. If you want a strong, female lead who has better or more important things to do than hanging out with her best friend or boyfriend, you will not like her.

8. These vampires do not burst into flames in the sun. They are not harmed by the sun in anyway. While Moonlight’s Mick St. John could manage the sun in the shadows, and could handle minor exposure, these ones are not affected at all. In fact, they shine like diamonds. That’s why they only hang around only in bad weather, fear of being found out. Not because they will die.

Moonlight, Mick St. John Image via

Above, TV show Moonlight's Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) is a vampire. He can't stay in the sun forever. But he would die of dehydration, not burning.

9. Wooden stakes, crosses or garlic don’t do anything.

10. Some vampires have special gifts. They are all naturally extremely strong and agile but Edward can hear thought, Alice can sense the future and decisions and Jasper can handle/manipulate moods.

11. There is a love triangle, with the plain girl in the center.

12. There are shapeshifters. Some men can transform into wolves. The special effects concerning the wolves are really poor.

13. The romance is very dominant, intense and some can find it cheesy and unrealistic.

14. The acting is just as dimensional as the characters.

15. The soundtrack is dominantly rock.

16. The storyline is not very complicated. There won’t be many surprising twists.

17. New Moon and Eclipse involve a bunch of young men walking around shirtless during a lot of the scenes.

Wolves of Twilight Image via

Above: The shapeshifting gang of the Twilight Saga. It is not just Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black who runs around shirtless.

18. Nikki Reed and Kellan Lutz have few scenes.

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Comments (12)

I've never seen these, but hear all about them. Mostly from women, too. Cool entertainment article, Pinar.

Thanks, Richard. Well, it is no use complaining the movie lacks action and is too sappy. The movie isn't ashamed of these but is blatantly celebrating it. I had fun but hell, I am a female- who loves glam rock and pretty vampires.;)

Patricia Rodrigues

What I love is a certain pretty werewolf...;)

Very funny; still, a great article, Pinar. I had fun reading it !!

Thank you so much, Patricia:) Well, I am sick of people bashing the series for bashing's sake. They are trying to make it so cool if someone doesn't like Twilight. Well, since the movies are so open about what they are, why don't they just not see it? So the movies wouldn't be smash hits;)) The movie has its plusses and minusses but at the end of the day, it comes down to a supernatural love story with a beautiful cast.;)

Sooo good I found someone like you Pinar. I love your post... Seen all these actually. My fav Vampire is Lestat of the Queen of the Damned... my fav series is Buffy :)

Tweet tweet xx

Ranked #5 in TV & Movie Reviews

Good article. I have dugg and stumbled your article

Great great review!

@Phoenix: The feeling is mutual:) It is great when you meet a person you have things in common with and it is even greater when you are both writers, lol:) Lestat by Stuart Townsend is indeed a worthy favorite. I have to say I cheated on him with Edward and Jasper a bit, but hey, Stuart is also rock band frontman in the film, so he wins;)

@ Phoenix: Oh, and of course Angel is my first love but I have to say I love Bill, Angel, Spike and Mick St. Johm from Moonlight. Do you have a sexy vampire gone good? Send him my way:D

@Active Writer: Thank you, appreciated:) @Ron: Thanks so much.

I'm reading Eclipse... I'm so wanting to see if Bella changes or not! So far she has graduated and had a party.. and the bad vamps are going to fight with the good vamps.. because they want to kill Bella... I'm soooo anxious to see what happens!