The Shining Book, Movie & TV History Timeline
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The Shining Book, Movie & TV History Timeline

Stephen King's The Shining was first published as a horror novel in 1977. Stanley Kubrick released a movie in 1980 and a Stephen King-produced $25 million TV miniseries followed in 1997.

Stephen King's The Shining has appeared in novel, movie and TV miniseries form. It's a classic haunted house story, set at the old Overlook Hotel in Colorado where fledgling, alcoholic writer Jack Torrance goes over the edge one brutal winter while babysitting the antiquated digs. Heeere's The Shining's book, movie and television history timeline, spanning the years 1977 to 1999...

1977 - The Shining by Stephen King is published by Doubleday & Company in January 1977. At a hefty 683 pages, The Shining tells the story of aspiring writer Jack Torrance, a former Zombie-drinking schoolteacher who agrees to take the job of winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. With his wife Wendy and young clairvoyant son Danny in tow, Jack arrives at the old hotel where he begins to experience its bloody past via the ghostly apparitions who still reside there. The Shining becomes a bestseller.

The Shining by Stephen King first edition 1977 - Doubleday & Company

1980 - Warner Bros. Pictures releases The Shining on May 23, 1980. Written by Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson and directed by Kubrick, The Shining stars Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, a budding, temperamental teacher-turned-writer with a chronic booze problem who cracks up while serving as winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel, turning on his wife Wendy (Shelley Duvall) and young son Danny (Danny Lloyd). Scatman Crothers (Dick Hallorann), Barry Nelson (Stuart Ullman), Philip Stone (Delbert Grady), Joe Turkel (Lloyd) and Anne Jackson (Doctor) also appear. Made for an estimated $22 million, The Shining grosses over $44 million during its initial release.

Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance and Joe Turkel as Lloyd the bartender in The Shining (1980) - Warner Bros.

1980 - Making 'The Shining', a 35-minute documentary by Vivian Kubrick, daughter of Stanley and Christiane Kubrick, is telecast. Making 'The Shining' can be found on The Shining 2-Disc Special Edition DVD (Warner Bros., 2007).

1997 - Stephen King's The Shining is broadcast as a three-part TV miniseries over ABC-TV on April 27, April 28 and May 1, 1997. Written by executive producer Stephen King (who also makes a cameo appearance as orchestra leader Gage Creed) and directed by Mick Garris, The Shining stars Steven Weber as Jack Torrance, a young, aspiring writer who packs up his wife and psychic son and heads to the haunted Overlook Hotel where he is tortured by his deceased father (Miguel Ferrer) and other supernatural happenings. Rebecca De Mornay (Winifred "Wendy" Torrance), Courtland Mead (Danny Torrance), Wil Horneff (Tony), Cynthia Garris (Woman in 217), Mickey Giacomazzi (2nd Waiter) and Melvin Van Peebles (Dick Hallorann) also appear. Made for $25 million, Stephen King's The Shining earns three Emmy nominations: Outstanding Miniseries, Outstanding Makeup (won) and Outstanding Sound (won).  

Steven Weber as Jack Torrance in Stephen King's The Shining (1997) - ABC-TV

1999 - Stephen King: Shining in the Dark, a 50-minute documentary, is produced and telecast by BBC Worldwide in the United Kingdom. It's a look at King's literary/Hollywood life, featuring interviews with King himself, Kathy Bates, Tom Hanks, Peter Straub, Frank Darabont, Burt Hatlen, Rob Reiner, Mick Garris, Jane Lapotaire and Chuck Verrill. King once again reiterates his dislike for Stanley Kubrick's 1980 film adaptation of The Shining.

The Shining Novel, Movie & TV History Timeline Credits

  • Top image: Jack Nicholson as the unfortunate Jack Torrance – frozen to death outside the Overlook Hotel – in The Shining (1980) - Warner Bros.

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