The Other Guys Review
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The Other Guys Review

Review of The Other Guys, a cop movie about two mismatched detectives that are trying to make a name for themselves in the law enforcement field.

 The Other Guys is a movie directed by Adam McKay. It has many noteable actors in it; Dwayne Johnson, Will Farrell, Mark Wahlberg, Samuel Jackson, Eva Mendes, and Michael Keaton. It is a very comical movie based on the plot of two very unique detectives trying to make a name for themselves. Although it has been out for well over a year, I just recently ordered it because it is a movie I have been meaning to get around to, but just never had the time to. 

Like aforementioned, the plot is about two mismatched detectives who get into a case way over their heads. They must work to bring down a couple of corrupt organizations that lost a lot of money in stocks. The plot actually was built rather well. There is a jewelry store heist early on in the movie, which anybody would think nothing of but to build the plot of characters, but yet it plays a vital role in the storyline. There was a lot of foreshadowing in this movie actually, but it's just hard to notice when your laughing at the idiotic jokes thrown out buy Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg. There was also a lot of conspiracy in the movie. Almost like government cover ups and diversions by authorities higher than the NYPD to remove any suspicion from the main character, which I personally think was thrown into the movie very well. The irony, the comedy, the symbolism, all the hidden devices in the movie all blended together very nicely to make a very well fashioned movie.

After I finished watching the movie, I almost turned off my TV, because honestly, who wanted to watch some boring credits? But I saw something unlike any other movie: statistics. During the credits that played a series of graphs and statistics of economic downfall. They compared everything from the major ponzi schemes to how much Executives are being payed compared to employees. It was really mind blowing reading some of the statistics and seeing some of the graphs. I think it added a unique ending to the movie that added to the depth of knwloedge gained from the movie. Because not only was the movie a comedy, it also involved government corruption, as stated earlier. The corruption is shown through the antagonists actions, David Ershon, and his connections to high authority government officials. This also led to a lot of conflict which added to the drama of the plot, like the conflict with Allen (Will Farrell) and Terri (Mark Wahlberg) and their captain, as the captain was recieving pressure from the government to back off the case. 

Thought some of the major actors roles were very miniscule the movie was overall rather good. I was left with no questions in the end because it wrapped up so well in the end. If I had to rate this movie out of 10, I could easily give it an 8.5 or 9. I guess the reason I liked this movie so much is because I usually dislike Will Farrell's role in most movies, but this time he shocked me an showed me that he isn't that bad of an actor. 

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