The Dead Zone TV Series: A Review
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The Dead Zone TV Series: A Review

Among novels serialized on TV, Stephen King's works find the most following as The Stand, It and Haven to name a few. The Dead Zone was based on the novel of the same title released in 1979 and started to be aired as a TV series at USA Network in 2002 until 2007. Having been released on DVD, Stephen King fans may just have another chance to get a feel of a once famous TV rerun that spanned 6 seasons only this time without the TV adverts.

All Stephen King fans will be delighted to collect in DVD one of the author's interesting series on TV based on the novels he wrote. The Dead Zone (TV series) was inspired by a 1979 novel of the same title which was aired back in 2002 at USA Network and picked up quite a number of viewers which it enjoyed to justify its production until the 6th season ending sometime in 2007. As always happens with TV series, the renewal of each airing season is determined by the number of viewers and sadly, The Dead Zone viewers declined during the sixth season and added by the high cost of production, it failed to be renewed for the succeeding season (7th season).

The storyline was based on the life of a young school teacher, John “Johnny” Smith played by Anthony Michael Hall. Smith was ferrying her fiancée home from a date when he figured on a car accident on his way back which got him into a coma for six years. When he gained consciousness which was thought highly unlikely because of serious brain damage (his loved ones were aware how part of his brain was thought to be scattered on the scene of the accident ) he even surprised hospital staff how his ‘awakening’ had been highlighted with ‘visions’ associated with the persons he was able to touch. This began with the nurse who was about to bathe him as he awakened from coma, touching the former’s wrist allowed him to see the vision of the nurse’s daughter about to be consumed by fire at their home thereby warning her to call home and alert her daughter (mentioning her name) minutes before the tragedy happened. As explained by his attending doctor, Dr. Tran, the subject of a second miracle from his touch, his recovery was brought by the brain system taking a detour from the damaged part and utilizing a region humans don’t normally use. This region is often referred as the “Dead Zone” and if there’s anything unexplained about the ‘visions’ that Johnny gets after his recovery, it could simply be attributed to that part of the brain working out on Johnny to handle normal functions that supposed to be undertaken by the damaged part.

So the story goes that Johnny, coping with his life having the extra sensory gift of seeing the future or peeking through the past of people he touched managed to help them and in most circumstances averts a would be disaster before it happens or collaborate with the police to solve a crime. As it turned out that he lost his fiancée, Sarah (Nicole de Boer) when he woke up from coma as she married Sheriff Walter (Chris Bruno) who turned up to be the chief of police, his activities in most episodes until Sheriff Walter’s death in episode 1 season 6 were associated with police work as he became the Sheriff’s ‘psychic guide’ in solving crimes.

“The Dead Zone” joins most typical Stephen King’s novels serialized on TV (It, Haven) which embraces a small town in Maine (Portland, Maine being the author’s birthplace) as the setting and those who were able to appreciate Stephen King’s works in writing will be more than delighted to enjoy each episode on the TV adaptation bit by bit.


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Comments (1)

This was one of my favorite shows. Anthony Michael Hall did a great job of taking the original concept from the book and moving off into a different direction. Intetesting to note that there was a movie version of the book before the series. Christopher Walken played the Smith character. Nice article.