The Best Ten Horror Movies You Have Never Seen
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The Best Ten Horror Movies You Have Never Seen

In no particular order, here are ten horror movies you may have never seen, but would probably enjoy. They are unique, scary, some are funny, and if you've never heard of Troma, horror comedy, try it, you might like it! Keep an eye out for when has free credits to watch horror flicks on demand, because you can probably watch most of these for free, on Netflix, on Youtube, or on Hulu. Enjoy and feel free to comment if you have seen these, or if you watch them and have an opinion on the subject!

In no particular order, here are ten horror movies you may have never seen, but would probably enjoy.  They are unique, scary, some are funny, and if you've never heard of Troma, horror comedy, try it, you might like it!  Keep an eye out for when has free credits to watch horror flicks on demand, because you can probably watch most of these for free, on Netflix, on Youtube, or on Hulu.  Enjoy and feel free to comment if you have seen these, or if you watch them and have an opinion on the subject!

Snow White -  A Tale of Terror

True to the original story of Snow White Written by The Grimm brothers, not Disney, Snow White - A Tale of Terror has many elements of the original story, but puts its own twist on the story to make it even more terrifying.  Did you know the Huntsman doesn't actually get asked to bring back Snow White's heart in a box?  He's asked to bring back her liver.  This is one of the elements of this film that isn't true to form.  They do stick with the heart.  The Huntsman in this flick is the brother of "The Evil Queen", who cannot speak.  He's also sort of creepy.  "The Evil Queen" is not a queen at all in this movie, she's a noble woman named Lady Hoffman, when she marries Snow White's father.  Snow White is not named Snow White at all in this film.  Her name is Lilyanna.  The seven dwarves aren't dwarves either, they are just men of regular stature. 

The Devil's Backbone

The Devil's Backbone is a subtitled Spanish film, but you almost don't even need to read the subtitles to understand what's going on, and its well worth paying attention and watching, because its chilling and quite original!  Shot in Madrid, Spain, this film is set during The Spanish Civil War in the late 1930's.  Its set in an orphanage.  There are creepy specimens in the doctor's office in the orphanage, and the site of the orphanage is quite isolated and rustic.  There is an element of a ghost town in this film as most people have fled the area during the war.  There is a child ghost and a mystery plot in this film and its hard to figure out for most of the film.  The feel of this whole film is creepy.  Its well worth watching!

A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters is the Japanese, original version of The Uninvited, the American film that stars Emily Browning.  This film is much more terrifying, confusing, and has many more elements of the "evil stepmother" looming in the background.  The film begins with the two sisters in the film leaving a psychiatric hospital after the death of their mother.  They are inseparable and have to tolerate the new wife of their father who has moved into their home during their incarceration at the hospital.  Again, as with The Devil's Backbone, you almost don't even need to follow the subtitles religiously to feel the terror of the film and to understand exactly what is going on.

Chill - (Cool Air) The Cinematic Adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Cool Air

Chill is a bit cheesy, but it captures the true nature of an H.P. Lovecraft story.  It stars Thomas Calabro, you know, the guy from Melrose place, the doctor.  It also stars the woman who plays Kirsty in the Hellraiser franchise.  The characters besides the two main characters are all strange, ornery, and sinister in nature.  You can see this just by looking at them, but they all carry good and bad within their hearts, for the most part.  There is a man who owns a deli, who used to be a doctor, who cannot live in the heat.  He needs to live in refrigeration, due to his "strange condition".  He helps the leading male character by shooting him with insulin during a diabetic "attack" and gains his trust and friendship, despite his strange and creepy aura. 

Bryan Loves You

A creepy cult thriller, Bryan Loves You, will weird you out with its creepy Kubric undertones and strange and confusing situation.  Its shot in a documentary style with "The Candyman", who tempted Helen to be his victim, as one of its main characters.  A young man moves to a town with its very own religion, "Bryan", in Arizona.  Bryan is saluted in the morning at school instead of the flag.  This clandestine religion welcomes anyone who follows it to a "t", but doesn't like people who try to infiltrate it without sincerity.  I'm sure you can imagine what happens in this town to the newbies!

Dead Alive

Dead Alive is a cult classic made in New Zealand.   Its a horror-comedy to the core, otherwise known as Troma.  Its set in the 1950's.  Its reminiscent of Ed's Dead Mother, if you have seen that.  In New Zealand, Dead Alive, was released with the title, "Braindead".  Lionel is in love with the girl who works at the local package store, Paqita.  Lionel and Paquita go out for a date to the zoo.  Lionel's meddling mother comes to the zoo to ruin his first date with his new gal, Paquita.  She is bit by a Sumerian monkey with a zombie disease.  She is infected with cheesy bubbling horror boils, and the action commences!  The film is jam packed with strange, comical characters and has a semi-happy ending!


Dawn wears a promise ring.  She's a devout Christian who plans on staying a virgin until the day she marries the one she is meant to be with.  Dawn has a secret.  When a man gets violent with her or tries to take advantage and gets his way with her, he better watch out, because he might be missing something when he's done!  Dawn lives in a blended family.  Her step-brother has been in love with her since they were under the age of ten.  The over-sexed creep might get what he wants at long last, but he better be careful what he wishes for!

In The Mouth of Madness

A patient incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital begins the film as he tells his tale after its happened to a doctor, who is treating him.  Before he was committed, he was working on a case at work, where he is employed as an insurance investigator.  He was looking into an odd claim made by a publisher, who is looking for one of their high grossing authors.  He believes its a stunt created by the publisher for publicity and financial gain.  Sutter Cane, an influential horror writer, who has a strange effect on his fans might be found, or he might not be in this flick, but what's relevant is when readers read his books, they begin to go crazy, taking on elements of the depraved characters in his books.  Linda, who works at Cane's publisher travels to New Hampshire to find a town called Hobb's End.  Linda's and the insurance investigator have a grand, terrifying, and confusing adventure!

The Servants of Twilight

The Servants of Twilight was originally a Dean Koontz novel adapted into a film.  In this film, a strange woman who heads up a cult as its "mother-figure", who is a clairvoyant and has special healing abilities, runs into six-year old Joey Scavello, who she believes is the anti-Christ.  His single mother isn't okay with this as the cult leader sends her goons to constantly stalk and try to kill him.  Joey's mom hires a private investigator.  Is poo little Joey a victim?  Watch and see!

The Attic

A weird psychological thriller, The Attic will keep you on your toes!  Emma has moved into a lovely new home with her family.  Emma is haunted by the apparition of a girl who looks exactly like her very quickly after she visits the new attic in her new house.  Is she crazy or is she driven crazy by this full bodied figure who haunts her day and night.  She begins to never leave the house and is obsessed with this dead ringer who just won't leave her alone!

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Comments (12)

I have seen most of these films. The Devil's Backbone and A Tale of Two Sisters are great, but The Teeth is kind of stupid..

Dead Alive is one of the goriest films I have ever seen.

Top horror films I've never seen OR heard of! Thanks for the list, I'll have to check out a few of these.

I love them all!  Nobody seems to like Teeth, but I thought it was original.  Dead Alive is hysterial.  Its so cheesy, but its supposed to be.  I love it!

I would like to watch these movies....Smile..

I love horror movies, I'm addicted!

Good list, and you are right I have never heard of any ot them.

I just watched Snow White - A Tale of Terror last week, and it was very good. I've also seen In the Mouth of Madness, which is another excellent film. I'll have to check out the others. Thanks for the share!

No problem.  I love horror.  I could watch it all day and when I have time, I often do, lol!

Ok, I'm obviously not as big a horror film buff as I thought. I haven't seen these. Off to Netflix. lol

I love to watch movies...some i have already watched...others i will

A lucid and precise higlihht

I'm glad you ladies and gents are enjoying this.  Yup, off to Netflix, haha!  I'm so bad, Lauren.  I even have a horror blog that I write for sheer enjoyment.  I've probably made less than $5 off it this year.  I just like talking about horror and I only have one friend who cares, haha!  I have to say, its my favorite pasttime activity!