Tafero's DVD Reviews of the Day (0050) - A Christmas Story - 1983
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Tafero's DVD Reviews of the Day (0050) - A Christmas Story - 1983

This is a dvd movie review of A Christmas Story - 1983. This is the finest Christmas movie ever made according to the majority of critics.

0050 – A Christmas Story – 1983 – Directed by Bob Clark, who also wrote the screenplay, this film is considered the best Christmas movie ever made by the majority of movie critics. It is also on numerous top 100 lists of best films of all time. The movie stars Peter Billingsley as Ralphie, a role with greater audience recognition than all of his other roles in his career combined. The outstanding supporting cast includes an inspired Darrin McGavin in the greatest role of his career as the old man, Melinda Dillon in the greatest role of her career as Ralphie’s mom, and a host of child actors who carry off the cruelty of the children’s world with great finesse. They are all aided, of course, by the great writing and characterizations of Jean Shepherd, the master of story-telling in America in the 20th century. Shepherd contributes his rascally voice to the alter-ego of Ralphie in the voiceover. This is as close to a perfect film as one can be made as far as I’m concerned. There isn’t a wasted or overly long scene in the entire film. You actually hated the film to end. Unfortunately, Shepherd seemed to have been more comfortable in the radio world than in the TV or movie world. What a tremendous loss for the TV and movie world. By the way, our pal at the New York Times with his lame 1000 best movie list left this one off as well as Alastair Sim’s A Christmas Carol. You will never convince me or the vast majority of Americans that some obscure French or Swedish soap opera with Shakespearian trappings and highly symbolic mumbojumbo is superior to either of these Christmas productions. Which would you rather watch? One of these two films or a dreadfully depressing Bergman film?

The story takes place in a wintry Mid-Western working-class neighborhood and highlights the Christmas season. We see the normally placid town light up at night with colorful Christmas lights and decorations, punctuated by the town’s big toy store that has a magnificent toy display in the window. Raphie presses his nose against the window and sets his sights on a Red Ryder BB rifle. That becomes the obsessive object of his desire. Unfortunately, every adult he talks to about it says “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid” and tries to talk him out of it, but he is relentless in his pursuit. There are bullies and a terrific sequence of double-dog dare you to stick you tongue on the frozen iron pole. There are just too many great scenes to mention. Highly recommended and a double razz to the New York Times top 1000 list.

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