Supernatural Guest Actresses Trivia: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Lauren Cohan & Candice Accola
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Supernatural Guest Actresses Trivia: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Lauren Cohan & Candice Accola

Trivia for Supernatural\'s guest actresses: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Candice Accola and Lauren Cohan and their connections with The Vampire Diaries, Covert Affairs and Lost Girl.

I already covered the facts about Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Jeffrey Dean Morgan (the Winchester family) so this post is a trivia for the guest actors. I didn’t include Misha Collins (who plays Castiel) or Jim Beaver (who plays Bobby) because they played in far too many episodes to be considered just guest actors.

Please note that there might be some episode spoilers.

Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison

From left: Jared Paladecki as Sam, Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison and Jensen Ackles as Dean image via

From left: Jared Paladecki as Sam, Emmanuelle Vaugier as Madison and Jensen Ackles as Dean.

- It’s no secret that Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) had some horrible luck with the women in his life. His mother got killed by a demon and then 20 odd years later his girlfriend got killed the same way. He felt a huge connection with Sarah (season 1, in the Providence episode) but he had to hit the road with Dean (Jensen Ackles) again. In season 2’s Heart (episode 17), Sam developed a crush for the beautiful and independent Madison (played by Emmanuelle Vaugier). Madison felt the same way but Sam and Dean realized Madison was the werewolf they were hunting. But they tracked down the wolf that turned her, in an effort to save Madison from turning again.

Emmanulle Vaugier in Lost Girl

Madison was played by Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier, who is no stranger to Supernatural shows. She also guest-stars in the Canadian fantasy show Lost Girl, where the leading characters are a female succubus and male shapeshifter (that can turn into a wolf at will). Coincidentally, there was a mention of a succubus in Supernatural, but we never saw one being hunted down.

As opposed to her character in Supernatural, Emmanuelle’s Lost Girl character is not so nice and she is really powerful. In Lost Girl, all supernatural creatures are collectively called “Fae”s and they are divided in two groups: light and dark. Vaugier’s character considers herself “the local government” of the dark Faes.

Emmanuelle Vaugier, Covert Affairs and Supernatural

- One of the Supernatural episodes is called When the Levee Breaks (season 4, episode 21). Action/drama series Covert Affairs also has an episode called When the Levee Breaks. However an episode name isn’t the only thing Covert Affairs and Supernatural have in common. Supernatural’s Madison Emmanuelle Vaugier also guest-appeared in Covert Affairs. She plays a journalist.

Lauren Cohan as Bela

- Season 3’s recurring character Bela is played by Lauren Cohan, who guest-starred as Rose in The Vampire Diaries. Bela is a thief who trades valuable goods that are worth a lot to both hunters and demons. She’s self-centered and materialistic. She also has a mysterious past Dean and Sam find about only much later.

Lauren Cohan is an American who went to University in England. Her accent is British. The university she graduated from University of Winchester, and Winchester is the surname of Supernatural’s 2 leading characters.

Lauren Cohan was born in 1982, the same year with Jared Padelecki.

Candice Accola as Amanda

image via

- In the episode After School Special (season 4, episode 13) The Vampire Diaries’ Caroline Forbes, Candice Accola, guest-stars as Amanda, an old high school flame of Dean’s. In the episode, Dean and Sam take a case that take them back to a high school they attended for a couple of weeks but met some remarkable people.

Candice Accola & Lauren Cohan in The Vampire Diaries

In The Vampire Diaries, Candice Accola’s character Caroline Forbes starts as a human cheerleader and is later turned into a vampire.

Lauren Cohan’s character, vampire Rose is killed by a female werewolf- who was a friend of Tyler’s uncle Mason. She was intending to kill Damon but got Rose instead. Tyler is also a werewolf and he has recently fallen for Caroline, who is friends with Stefan and Damon. Candice’s vampire storyline is a lot more complicated than her human Amanda in Supernatural.

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very good

I had seen some past series about the bros. And its good to know, they have good looking guest actresses now.