Supernatural: Brothers, Demons, and Chevy Impala
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Supernatural: Brothers, Demons, and Chevy Impala

An article describing the hit show Supernatural's premise and basic structure of the show.

Ever wanted a show about two brothers, who drive an classic car, and go around the country killing ghosts, monsters, demons? Who also deal with angels and the looming apocalypse? Well, The CW has that very show; called Supernatural.

One of the highest viewed and rated shows on the CW, Supernatural has become a cult classic among viewers of all ages and gender. It can attract males with it’s action and gut wrenching plot twists, and it attracts females by having an all male cast. The show also touches on many topics; from brotherly love to the questions of free will versus destiny.

Supernatural premiered on The WB (now The CW) back in 2005, and was a very down to earth show. The first half of season was filled with the brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, fighting unnatural monsters, and classic urban legends: Bloody Mary, Hook Man, Lady In White, and the Wendigo. It was a fun ride for the most part. The second part of the season got heavy and storyline filled, revealing Sam had psychic powers. They also introduced their first main villain, The Yellow Eyed Demon.

The Yellow Eyed Demon became the villain for the next season, where him and the brothers tracked down The Colt; which was a colt revolver that could kill any supernatural creature. For the most part, the boys had tense since the death of their father. It kept them butting heads as each son took their father’s death differently. But by the end of the season, Dean had managed to kill the Yellow Eyed Demon, only to have given up his soul in order to save his brother’s; giving him a year to live.

The third season of Supernatural dealt with Sam trying to find Dean a way out of his deal with the devil. Along with that, the brothers made a new friend in a demon named Ruby, made a new enemy named Lilith, and had a run in with a very annoying woman, named Bela. With Sam’s growing relationship with Ruby, the brother’s relationship had begun to take a strain. By the end of the season, they had failed to save Dean’s soul, and Lilith had managed to capture Dean and send him to hell.

The fourth and fifth season of Supernatural became an overlapping arc. Angels were introduced, and the story of the apocalypse was brought into the show. Dean was saved from hell, by the angel Castiel, reuniting the two brothers. Throughout the season, Sam and Dean begin hunting the Seals, which open the door to Lucifer’s cage. The brother’s relationship begin to strain again, Sam hiding secrets from Dean about his psychic powers and his secret relationship with a new Ruby, who persuades him into drinking demon blood. The boys also meet a prophet named Chuck, who is writing The Winchester Gospel. They also learn they have a half brother, named Adam. Towards the end of the season, after learning Dean started the apocalypse and was the one to end it all, Sam and Dean had a huge fallout, leaving Dean on a hotel floor. At the season finale, Sam is tricked by Ruby into releasing Lucifer.

Season five deals with the boys trying to come back together and dealing with the apocalypse, straight out of the Book of Revelations. The boys fight with the Four Horsemen, dealing with old enemies, the angel Zachariah, Raphael, and search for God. The boy soon learn they are the vessels for Michael and Lucifer, and must engage in an all out battle to decide humanity’s fate. After Dean refuses to give in and Castiel leaves the side of Heaven, the Angels go after their dead half brother, Adam, who accepts Michael. Sam eventually gives into Lucifer, and goes to fight Michael. Dean stops the battle, only to be beaten to a pulp by Lucifer in Sam’s body.

Sam, however, pulls control after staring at an old army toy from his childhood in the Impala. Using the rings of the Horsemen, Sam jumps into hell, pulling Michael down with him. Castiel regains his powers, heals Dean and soon takes control of Heaven. Dean returns to have a normal life, and their friend Chuck is revealed to be God. At the end of season, Sam is shown to be free from Hell and is standing outside of Dean’s new home.

Season 6 is set to premiere on The CW on Friday, September 24 at 9PM PST. Supernatural was created by Eric Kripke and this coming season is poised to be the final season of the show.

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Comments (2)

I definitely love the show so my thumbs up for this review.

Ranked #48 in TV & Movie Reviews

that date's stamped, not just marked on my calendar. who'd have believed I'd watched the whole five series three times over, and it's not over. I'll find time to watch it over again before season six starts lol