Stone and Robin: Lovers with a Conscience
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Stone and Robin: Lovers with a Conscience

General Hospital celebrated turning 50 recently. To celebrate the big milestone, Soapnet ran the most iconic episodes. 50 is a long time for all the drama, action, and romances. There are many couples and storylines that kept viewers on the edge of their seats, and captures their hearts, but the story and couple that captured mine is the story of Robin Scorpiio and Stone Cates. This story went deeper than pure chemistry or the push and pull of couples coming together and pushing apart.

Robin and Stone had all the classic elements to capture teen hearts along the way. They were young and beautiful. Stone was a boy from the wrong side of the tracks, and Robin was the classic good girl, attracted to the boy even though some thought she should run in the opposite direction. It was Romeo and Juliet for the '90's soap opera set.

Some could write this story off as just another teen drama story. This story took a realistic turn when the writers chose this couple to address a major social issue, HIV and AIDS. Stone contracted AIDS unknowingly before he began dating Robin. Then, he and Robin had sex,she was on the birth control pill but they did not use a condom. The story took a tragic but very realistic turn when Stone found out he did in fact have AIDS, and a few months later, Robin Scorpio had HIV. Robin and Stone stayed by each other's sides until his eventual death. The story from start to finish was beautifully acted and their love felt as real and tangible as any I have ever seen.

Stone was portrayed with courage and grace. The story was not preachy or condescending. The writing felt true and was laced with empathy, beauty, and understanding. I think it opened the eyes of many and hopefully saved a lot of lives. There is not a lot of art that touches the soul and opens the eye, but this story is one of the few that did that, and continues to that even today.

It has been years since this story graced the screen but its impact is still felt today. Kimberly Mccullough's Robin will always be a symbol of hope to millions around the globe. Her character represents more than just words on a page, and her fan base will care for her deeper because she represents a light in what could be their overall darkness.

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