Sister Wives is the New Reality Show on TLC About a Polygamist Family in Utah
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Sister Wives is the New Reality Show on TLC About a Polygamist Family in Utah

TLC will introduce us to a new reality tv family that may soon spark some controversy. This new reality show is called Sister Wives and it will follow a Fundamental Mormon family that lives in Utah and practices polygamy. Polygamy is the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time.

TLC will introduce us to a brand new reality tv family that may soon spark some controversy. This new reality show is called Sister Wives and it will follow a Fundamental Mormon family that lives in Utah and practices polygamy. Polygamy is the condition or practice of having more than one spouse at one time.

Kody Brown is married to his wife Meri but he also has two other sister wives, Janelle and Christine. All together they have 13 children between them. Kody will be bringing a 4th wife named Robyn Sullivan and her 3 children into the family.

Kody explains that his family situation is totally legal,

“It’s one legal marriage and the rest are commitment marriages.”

Sister Wives is the new reality show on TLC about a polygamist family in Utah

Robyn, the newest wife, explains their living situation,

“There are three [wives] in one home with separate apartments and I’m separate right now. We’re hoping to be all in one home"

Sister Wives, Kody Brown, polygamist show, Sister Wives show, Robyn Sullivan

Kody Brown says the reason the family decided to do the show was because of the secrecy surrounding their lifestyle,

“I felt like the secretiveness of the society has been a little bit dangerous for the society, as well as the public. This is part of our reason for essentially coming out. This is a story that needs to be told. I think that by simply telling this story and not getting into prejudices it actually helps the society to understand.”

Sister Wives, Kody Brown, polygamist show, Sister Wives show

Kody's 2nd wife Janelle says,

"We are four very strong personalities. We chose this, we have an extremely functional family. Our children are beautiful. We've committed to this."

Sister Wives, Kody Brown, polygamist show, Sister Wives show, Meri Brown

Kody's 3rd wife Christine says that they are very open about the relationship,

“Surprisingly enough we have all told co-workers before how we live, our kids have been telling their friends. So it’s not like this huge thing. We’ve all talked about it. We're willing to take the risks, which is why we're here,"

Sister Wives, Kody Brown, polygamist show, Sister Wives show, Christine Brown

Kody's 4th wife Robyn explains what they teach their children about their beliefs,

"We teach our children that we are open to other lifestyles. We teach our children what we believe but we give them the opportunity and the openness to choose for themselves. We tell them all we want for them is to be happy and to be productive and law abiding citizens.”

Sister Wives premieres on TLC on Sunday, September 26 at 10:00pm check your local cable or satellite listings for channel and showtimes in your area.

What are your thoughts on this new reality show, will you be tuning in to watch it?

Update: Kody Brown star of TLC's reality show Sister Wives may be arrested for bigamy. An investigation is currently underway.

The Sister Wives will be appearing on The Oprah Winfrey Show October 14th, 2010. Click this link for details Sister Wives on Oprah

Sister Wives is back on TLC for a second season click here for Sister Wives 2.

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Community update: For those requesting information, please see our summary of ongoing lawsuit against Mark P. Mazza and Patrick Melvin Williams of
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Comments (26)
Ranked #2 in TV & Movie Reviews

stumbled up:)

its creepy... I think so much of it is forced on the women and not something they choose.

Ranked #21 in TV & Movie Reviews

I've read a memoir written by a wife from a family like this, and she eventually left. The book was rather negative, called - Escape from Polygamy.

really?? I don't think so. And how much money do you think they'll be making for this magnanimous gesture

Ranked #26 in TV & Movie Reviews

Wow, this one should be interesting.

Ranked #19 in TV & Movie Reviews

First it's big love, next is this. Interesting

Page love. : )


As long as all the wives are living in harmony the juggernaut will roll on.I wonder why all the sisters chose Kody Brown as their husband.It seems an American family practicing Muslim law.I don't know whether LGBT marriages are legalised in Utah.Thanks for sharing an interesting read.

Ranked #2 in TV & Movie Reviews

dugg it:)

Good writing. Enjoyable. Thanks. Write more !

yvonne jefferson

I believe as long as these people are resposible for themselves and their children, and not living on our tax dollars, may heaven help them

Old School

Have decided not to watch. TLC has many good shows and I am surprised the network would promote polygamy.

I often wondered how one husband can support numberous wives and children. Now I know. The women have outside incomes and support themselves.


Why hasn't this man been arrested? Why is TLC paying monies to support a crime in action? What is this world coming to? I will not watch and hopefully the rest of America refuses to watch this. We jump on celebrities for cheating on their wives, we storm camps in Texas and Utah for this kind of behavior and now TLC is involving themselves in this act. OMG!! I will boycott TLC on all their shows. They need to pull the plug.

Old School

Looks like it is going to be a show that presents a happy jolly relationship between all parties. How about A&E doing a reality show that presents the flip side? It could be called, "Wife Shopping" or "Whose Your Daddy?". Unfortunately, there are plenty of women and children who have been tragically hurt by this kind of behavior.

Did everybody see that the 4th wife is bringing along three children from another marriage or is it from a previous "commitment marriage"?


Polygamist men are sick, and they should be put in jail. Those women are sick to, and im pretty sure they hate each other, and fight for the stupid mans attention. That is one messed up and disgusting way of life. The pethetic guys are just doing this so they can have sex with a bunch of brainwashed women.

kat workman

everyone must boycott TLC and any one who adversitizes on there. it is disgusting how TLC could ever think about running this series. they all must be men with small...... BOYCOTT


OMG can someone please tell me why these SICK people are NOT in JAIL! Its illegal!!! Why are they being filmed like celebrities!!! Well TLC come film me smoking POT and laundering money when I'm not bust being a PROSTITUTE!! Is that what your looking for?? I WILL NEVER WATCH TLC again what is wrong with these people! HA! they will break up like john and kate that's what TLC does to families!! TLC can find freaks freaky enough!!! How about MY 1,000 lb mom? Its like circus freak shows on there THE LEARNING chanal?? whats to learn?? How to do illegal things and get FREAKY with the TLC freak shows!! SICK (*#@#!$%^ S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ranked #8 in TV & Movie Reviews

Kody Brown is currently being investigated by Utah police and he may be arrested for bigamy / polygamy.


I have contacted TLC and many of it's advertisers to let them know I will not be watching TLC and will not do business with it's advertisers. The best way to attack this is in their pocketbooks.


All these negative comments are so... quick to judge. I just watched the first episode, and I have decided to continue watching. This is not because I believe in polygamy or support it in any fact, I'm a christian and strongly believe marriage should be between one man and one woman. However, I've always been interested in how polygamist families go through their daily lives. What can I say, it's intriguing! Seriously though, everyone freaking out needs to calm down. Kody is only married by law to his first wife. The others are in practice but not on paper. This is completely different from cheating, because all the wives are aware and comfortable with what is going on. After watching the first episode, I was genuinely surprised by how normal everyone seemed to be. Also, the "sister wives" really were like sisters...sisters who fight less than normal! They rely on eachother for friendship, help raising their children...and they DO seem very functional. The children appear to be growing up to be good people, and functioning members of society. And each wife is doing what they want to be of them loves working outside of the home. one of them loves playing the role of housewife. Another is in between, valuing her career and enjoying her duties at home. So all I can say is...I'm happy TLC is providing an opportunity to learn about where these people are coming from. I don't agree, but I'd like to understand them better. And yes, I too have read books written by women who were far from happy or safe in a plural marriage and oppressed by their religion. But you could at least watch one episode before you pass judgement.

Patti Catalano

I dislike and disagreed with everything this show is and stands for. It's ridiculious. It's bad enough some of the others shown on tv, but this is going way passed nornal. I wish they would take it off the air. The show and the commercials. I watch alot of TLC, and I can't even stand to watch the commercials. TAKE IT OFF THE AIR.

Interesting Perspective

I think that its interesting to see the lifestyle of a working polygamist family. There is always negative attention drawn to polygamy, and the abuse of women, however I think its too often forgotten that some of those marriages work. And it is legal because only one of the marriages is a legal marriage-the rest are just a commitment they make to each other.

I personally do not agree with this lifestyle choice, but these are still people, just making their own choices about their lives. I feel that understanding the culture, instead of just ignoring it exists, is the key to understanding that these are PEOPLE. And all people deserve to be respected and loved, even if their choices are not something we agree with.

Patricia Catalano

Marriage is becoming extinct. Children are not growing up with right values anymore. We are committed to one person. Yes, the people are people just like you and me, but that doesn't mean they have to put their personal lives out there. Yes, times are changing, but this is ridiculous. Let's teach our children what the bible says..




Its sick. Its like running a business. TLC should not have even aired such a thing. What the heck is are society coming too. Is this what we are? Reality TV and the wireless world is going to destroy us. To watch a man have 4 wives and 13 kids and a TV show to have it displayed as everything is just fun and joy when its wrong and sick. Its the liberals and the attack on Bible values is what is going on here. Its only going to get worse. Love should be between one man and one women. If people would look how we humans are made. A man is made to fertile an egg in a women. without the two none would ever have children. Really think about it. If it came down to a Man and a Man left on this earth the Human race would be gone because they could not reproduce another human. But if it came down to a Man and a Women. Its possible the human race could service. Without those two the possibility is not there. It was created that way for a reason no other. This show is a freak show and confusion for the children.


I have to comment on some of the comments made. The first one being "Susana." She starts off by stating that she is a christian, but she watched the first episode and has decided to continue to watch b/c she has always been interested in how polygamist families go thru their daily lives. She says that people shouldn't get so upset b/c Kody is only married legally to one of the women. He isn't cheating on the others b/c they all know about each other. I think as a christian the word she is leaving out here is SIN. Doesn't matter who knows what......Kody is fornicating with 4 women. Also, does she really believe that what she sees on TV, will not be edited to make the "family" look good. All I can say about Susana is, I hope she doesn't vote in any political elections!!!

"Interesting Perspective" doesn't like the lifestyle, but these are people that have chosen this lifestyle and by allowing them to practice this lifestyle we will be able to understand these people. Guess that means we shold allow pedophiles,incest, prostitution......I don't think I need to go do their thing, so that we can "understand" them.

That is the problem with our society today. It started with the hippies in the "60's that it was "cool" to let everyone do their thing. Look where it has gotten us. It wasn't so many years ago that you never heard any kind of bad language on TV. Now turn on any talk show and about the only one word they don't use is the "F" word and that is used sometime and bleeped out, which is a joke, b/c you know what they have said.

All I can add is "Have mercy, Lord Jesus on our nation."