Mona Lisa's Smile: Film Review
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Mona Lisa's Smile: Film Review

"Mona Lisa's Smile" is a film that takes place at a women's college in 1954. The film stars mega-actress, Julia Roberts as a liberal arts teacher who pushes the conservative boundaries that is expected of her and every other women in this time period. The film stars a younger cast that were bright stars of this time period in 2001, like Kirsten Dunst and Julia Stiles. 

The film causes the viewer to think about how far we have come as a gender, and how the roles and thinking might be different yet the same. Some people might view this film as a simple look at a generation gone by, years ago. These problems and narrow minded views no longer affect anyone in 2013, but I think that this sentiment could not be further from the truth. Rejection of popular thinking or behaviors make each generation or unit uncomfortable. This is what the heart of this film is about. It is about looking at yourself and not merely changing yourself and what you want and who you truly are, in order to fit into a society that you do not want to belong to anyway, but you think you should.

I feel like Julia Roberts should have received an Oscar nomination for her work in this film. This is the kind of character I aspire to be. She sticks to the courage of her convictions despite people telling her to turn away from everything she believes in. They are basically telling her to turn away from herself, in order to live in their safe little worlds where no one would even think or dare to paint outside the lines of acceptable society. Despite enormous pressure from everyone, she stays true to her core, and by doing so she changes the lives of her young pupils.

This film is not another fluffy romantic comedy, or high powered action flick, this film actually has something important to say. It might not be to everyone's taste or liking, but it is not looking for the popular vote, it wants you to think. Women in general, will always have to fight against society's unspoken wants, desires, and unspoken rules. Society often dictates that people live in small confined boxes. Many times people are not like the boxes that they are assigned to. "Mona Lisa's Smile" is asking the viewer to look behind the eyes, look behind the smile. 

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