Mara Clara Finale Review
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Mara Clara Finale Review

A review on the last episode of Mara Clara

Mara Clara's finale is one of the most emotionally compelling last episodes on Philippine television. It features the conclusion of these storylines: 

  • Mara and Clara's exchange to prevent being hurt by Clara's crazed biological father known as Gary.
  • Susan (Mara's pseudo-mother) gives birth to twins that belonged to Gary, yet he did not believe them to be his twins.
  • The Amante-Alvira-Gary love triangle.

And since this is the finale, one person from the series would die and it would most likely be Gary.

As for the ending itself, it is summarized in these words: 

  1. Amante and Alvira visit Gary at an abandoned warehouse with no cops.
  2. Mara gets locked up in a water tank by Gary after arguing with the antagonist for a while.
  3. Alvira was forced to choose between Amante or Gary, because Gary can only tell Alvira where Mara is unless she shoots Amante.

The climax arrived when Amanthe fought Gary and ended up falling down a few storeys from the building where they fought; Amante falls towards the ground but is only hurt, not dead. Then, Alvira wants Gary to kill her out of pity since this has caused Gary's obsession towards the young woman. As she was about to be shot, Gary fires a shot, but Clara takes the shot in exchange of Alvira. Because of this action, Susan attacks Gary with a pipe until she eventually stabs the crazed man with a stick. Gary dies due to the said pipe impaling, Clara was shot in the arm and survived. Mara was eventually saved, right before Clara took a bullet for Alvira. 

After the climax, Clara was placed inside a mental institution for treatment because of her behavior disorder. 

Time passed, the epilogue sets in: 

  • Susan gives birth to twins.
  • Mara and Clara are in total friendship once more.

And eventually, they all lived happily ever after. It is a wonderful ending that can compel even the hardest of hearts. The actors have placed a lot of effort (especially for Kathryn Bernardo/Mara) replicating a dramatic scene with their own artistic flavour. The action scenes weren't much, even for the finale; in the words of some directors in an art class: "It's good, but not good enough", they could've hired trainers to do some fight scenes with basic grappling arts, given Amanthe is a "Privileged" man who can afford classes instead of a pistol, but we have to understand also that budget plays a role towards the finale. Overall, it's above average. The series ended with a bang, but the writers and producers could've developed the ending more to be an explosive and heartwarming closure to one of Philippine TV's best drama series'.

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Comments (11)

What happen to Christian Torralba?

Wow .. thanks for this synopsis .. Finally i know the ending of this story .. :)

just love the serie...iuts burnning much here in uganda

i love de way it end

I love de way it ends

its a touching story that any human being must be emotional with it I LIKE MARA CRALA the most ..

that true what happen to christian i want to know

yes that true what happened to christian i want to know

Well the writer and producer did a very wonderful job. "Mara and Clara" is a must watch!!!!!!!!

My sibling stays awake just to finish an episode... Christian had a better relationship with Mara after the whole tragedy

Ranked #19 in TV & Movie Reviews

@chukwuemeka ,  Okeke, Nurul

Based on all things, Christian was seen in the end with Mara. A sweet ending

Pardon for the late reply since I was busy at work. Anyway I hope things get cleared for this Episode.