Les Miserables Movie Review
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Les Miserables Movie Review

The article was all about the story of Les Miserables. Les Miserables is a world renown novel and it was a great movie too. It receives a lot of award. This article is a movie review about Les Miserables, in this article you will know what happened in the story and my reaction about the story

I actually have watched Les Miserables before, back in my high school years. My english teacher show us the old movie but I never appreciated the movie that time. But after I've watched the new film now, I have fully understand the concept and the meaning of the whole story. I was also amazed on the actors and actresses especially the actor who portrayed Jean Valjean, Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman is also the actor who plays the role of wolverine on X-Men. I know he's a good actor but I never thought that he is also good in theatrical actor, and has a good voice too.

The story has really moved me, especially when Anne Hathaway, who played the role of Fantine, sang the song "I Dreamed a Dream." She sang it with fierce and you can really feel her emotions while she's singing that. She really deserves the role of Fantine, she portrayed the role very well. And by watching this movie, you will know how great of an actress she is.

So, let's go on the story. Les Miserables is a story of "The Miserables." There are a lot of characters in the story that experienced being miserable throughout their lives while others succeeded. Let's take Jean Valjean as an example. When I have read the summary of it, Jean Valjean had been a convict just by stealing a loaf of bread and he was imprisoned for nineteen years. Jean Valjean also taught us some lessons in life. When he was told that he's free, a Bishop took care of him but instead of repaying the kindness of the Bishop,  Valjean took the silverwares and ran away. But when Valjean was caught, I was amazed by the reaction of the Bishop. He told the policemen that the silver was a gift to him and he even called Valjean as his brother. In this moment, Valjean has changed into a good man. He became a factory owner and the Mayor of Montreuil-sur-Mer. He helped a lot of people that were in need. And even help fought the enemies during the war. He also took good care to Cossette who's not even his biological daughter. In the end, Valjean had  found peace at his deathbed.

The next one is Fantine, her role really portrayed a person that is truly miserable. At first, Fantine fell inlove with Tholomyés and he got her pregnant but in the end, he abandoned and left her. So Fantine raised her child, Cosette all alone. As a mother, Fantine portrayed the role very well. She did everything just to provide Cosette's needs. She sold her hair and her teeth to earn more money and even became a prostitute. Good thing is that Valjean found her and saved her. He brought her to a nursing home and at the end, Fantine died.

Another one is Eponine, she lives with her parents the Thénadiers who were thieves. When she grows up, she fell inlove with Marius but Marius never loved him for Cosette is the one that Marius loved. That's when Eponine sang the song "On My Own." The lines of the song that goes, "I love him, but when the night is over. He is gone, the river's just a river." She's a girl that loved a guy but Marius never returned the favor. In the end, she also died during the war.

Cosette's life is like Valjean, they were miserable at first but in the end, they have lived the life in total happiness. She was saved by Valjean from the Thénadiers. She worked for them and treat her like a slave. In the end, Cosette found her true loved and Marius and her even got married.

Javert who's an inspector that wishes to recapture Valjean. The revolutionaries took Javert and tied him and Valjean found him. Valjean told the revolutionaries that he would take care of Javert and would kill him. But instead what Valjean did, he let Javert go. At the end, Javert realizes everything and he committed suicide.

During the revolution, a lot of people died and what moves me is the boy who had been killed. When Javert roams around, he found the boy's dead body and gave him his badge. This part really moved me with tears. The boy was a real hero in this movie.

At the end after Valjean died, it was showed in the film that he saw everyone who died. Even those people who died during the revolution. The ending was perfect. It also left me wanting for more. It's like I want to watch the movie all over again. No wonder that it receives a lot of award as a novel and as a movie.

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