Identity Thief
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Identity Thief

Taking a look at Identity Theft on a different level. Why not add a sense of humor to a very serious situation. Identity Thief strives to do this in this modern movie that combines laughter, adventure and throws in a bit of a twist with the building of a friendship and so much more. If you are looking for some light humor and a good movie to curl up to, you might want to check out Identity Thief to get your fill.
With all the ups and downs in our world today, humor is one of the best sources for each of us to relieve stress. So kick back and have a good laugh, even about a serious subject that has swept our nation for many years. Enter Sandy Patterson (Jason Bateman). He lives a normal life, has a normal family in a normal town. And then the unthinkable happens to Sandy, his identity is stolen. This sends him on a whirlwind change in his life with the possibility of losing his job as well as getting involved with the authorities to catch the person that has stolen his identity. Sandy takes it upon himself to fly across the country to meet the other Sandy Patterson and bring them to justice. Diana (Melissa McCarthy) who steals Sandy's identity lives an interesting life. One filled with tons of material objects all around her. But. alas. that is all she has material things. The movie takes the pair on a series of adventures from traveling across country together to dealing with a multitude of unsavory individuals that wind the pair in relying on each other and becoming friends. The pair wind up helping each other find themselves in many aspects of their own lives. For Sandy. its finding that he has more of a backbone and learning how to handle different issues. For Diana, its seeing the world differently, a world where friends are a good thing and that having a family around you can give you strength. The movie has the feel of an earlier movie with John Candy and Steve Martin, Planes, Trains and Automobiles. The reason behind this is because of the transportation issues they experience and how the two of them wind up going from one part of the United States to the other. But, it also shows the pair working as a team on different levels. Of course, the movie does take a different twist and drags you in to finding out what happens next and shaking your head at how things play out. If you are looking for a light laughter movie, this may fill the ticket. It has a small amount of funny parts that will cause you to giggle as you think about certain things that have happened in your life that are very similar to that of the movie characters. Both Bateman and McCarthy do a good job working together. They have the perfect chemistry for the slap stick duo from days of old. A combination of the straight man (Bateman) and the funny/goofy man (McCarthy). The creators did a great job combing the two in this movie.

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