America's Next Top Model: Allison Harvard Shocker
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America's Next Top Model: Allison Harvard Shocker

An article about America's Next Top Model, and the contestant, Allison Harvard.

Allison Harvard is known for her huge blue eyes, and quirky mannerisms. She is known for being a contestant on the reality show, "America's Next Top Model" twice. This cycle was for past contestants who were very strong and memorable. Allison was a runner-up in her cycle, and has created a huge fan base for herself based on her appearances on the show, and other endeavors. She reminds me of a Blythe doll, and she even has a photo with one.

Week after week, Allison continued to get some of the best photos of the pack, as praised by the judges. She even won multiple challenges equipping her with glamorous prizes and a guest spot on the TV show, "Extra." She has been described as maybe, the most high fashion style model of the entire competition. Her biggest drawbacks according to the judges was her reserved personality, and her trouble with opening her eyes in direct, blazing sunlight. The second problem will affect her profession, but the first is questionable.

Last night, the girl with the largest fan base ever in the history of the show, as stated by head judge, Tyra Banks lost to a much older girl who in the real world, outside of Cinderella Hollywood land, would be deemed too old to continue in her dreams of professional modeling. When she photographs she looks very mature. She has been in the bottom several times, and criticized for weak photos more times than could be counted.

Towards the end, the judges began to take a shine to the girl whose bright personality ultimately helped push her to the top of the pack. America's Next Top Model seems to be creating television personalities than actual models that would be on the cover of "Vogue." It seems to be more about getting your fifteen minutes of fame.

Allison Harvard has massive high fashion potential, and a long time ahead of her to try and make all of her dreams come true. I think she has a lovely personality, and she lets her talent do the talking for her. So, good luck Ms. Harvard, I will be looking forward to seeing you in the pages of a fashion magazine sometime soon. She also has great potential and talent behind the camera. Another season is over. Maybe next season the girl with the highest potential in reality will win next time.

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Comments (11)

love allison too... so sad seeing her not winning... boo for tyra and the judges...

Ranked #6 in TV & Movie Reviews

my sentiments exactly, Jeffrey!

Allison truly is going to be a great model in future for America. Let's see how she plans her future.

Ranked #38 in TV & Movie Reviews

I didn't watch the whole season, thanks for the great summary on Allison

Ranked #6 in TV & Movie Reviews

thank you Pinakin and Christy!

Entire season in summary. Really cool

Ranked #6 in TV & Movie Reviews

Thank you, Jo!

I was a competitor last year in the 40+ version She's got the Look, but I didn't make it into the Finals :-(

Ranked #6 in TV & Movie Reviews

That's really amazing still, Virginia!

She had a uniqueness the others didn't have. She should have won!

Ranked #6 in TV & Movie Reviews

Exactly Vickie, thanks for the support!