3 Movies with Indecent Proposals: The Box, Indecent Proposal and A Perfect Murder
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3 Movies with Indecent Proposals: The Box, Indecent Proposal and A Perfect Murder

List of 3 movies that feature indecent/amoral/criminal proposals: Indecent Proposal, A Perfect Murder and The Box. Plot summaries and movie posters are included.

Filmmakers love looking into the darker side of human nature and how far they will be willing to go for huge sums of money. There are 3 movies featured: Indecent Proposal – a drama/romance, A Perfect Murder – a thriller and The Box a drama/sci-fi/mystery.

Indecent Proposal- starring Demi Moore, Robert Redford and Woody Harrelson

Indecent Proposal starring Robert Redford, Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson

Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson play Diana and David Murphy, a happily married couple – very much in love with each other. Their careers are taking off and they are building their dream house. However, financial crisis hits them hard, and they are about to lose everything. A desperate trip to Vegas ends up with a different kind of “jackpot”, in the shape of the rich John Gage (Robert Redford)- who is intrigued by Diana and offers the couple $1,000,000 for Diana to sleep with him. The money is enough to help them get over all their financial troubles, but once she sleeps with another man, there is no turning back. So can true love conquer a one night stand with another man, even though it is for both their sakes?

Indecent Proposal was directed by Adrian Lyne, a man who has directed a lot of popular and/or controversial films- including Fame, Lolita, Jacob’s Ladder, Fatal Attraction, 9 ½ Weeks and Unfaithful. He loves exploring sex and what adultery and/or love for the wrong people can do to do relationship.

In Indecent Proposal, Diana does accept the deal, but it emotionally wrecks both her and David. Should she try giving a relationship with John a shot? He might have been shameless about the proposal, but he probably would never agree to this type of situation, had the roles been reversed. And David does regret their decision. He is just late to stop it…

Based on the novel by Jack Engelhard and adapted to screen by Amy Holden Jones.

A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen

A Perfect Murder starring Michael Douglas, Gwyneth Paltrow and Viggo Mortensen

A Perfect Murder is a modern remake of the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock classic Dial M for Murder.

Here, Steven (Michael Douglas) is a powerful businessman whose deals have gotten him into serious financial trouble. So what better option than to kill his cheating young wife Emily (Gwyneth Paltrow)?

He has leverage on the lover- struggling artist David Shaw (Viggo Mortensen) who has been convicted twice of conning rich women. Oh, yes- Emily’s richer than her husband. While he is a millionaire facing bankruptcy, she will inherit $100,000,000 from her parents. So Steven tells David that he will pay him $500,000 in cash for killing her. David faces a certain jail time if Steven tells the police about the affair. So, he agrees. But things don’t go according to plan for either man…

The Box starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella

The Box starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden

A mysterious man (Frank Langella) appears on the doorstep of school teacher Norma Lewis (Cameron Diaz) and makes her a strange proposition. He has a box – he will leave it to Norma for 24 hours. If she pushes the button inside the box, a person she doesn’t know will die. But she will be compensated $1,000,000. Facing financial troubles with her husband (James Marsden), she begins considering it. Maybe the person who will die is a villain, or maybe just someone ordinary like them. Is the box for real? Norma eventually pushes the button, the money arrives – but lots of mysterious and dangerous events ensue.

This movie is based on a short story by Richard Matheson. It was written and director by Richard Kelly, the writer/director of the cult hit Donnie Darko starring Jake Gyllenhaal.

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Comments (14)

Almost rented The Box last night. Didn't care for Indecent Proposal but liked A Perfect Murder.

The Box is a bit boring and slow, but the concept is definitely interesting. A perfect murder is really fun. Indecent Proposal was boring,good choice. And thanks for commenting:)

I've seen the first two. Indecent Proposal is also a good gambling movie. Redford bets $1 million on the roll of a dice. A Perfect Murder is a sleeper in the Michael Douglas filmography. Douglas plays a real SOB. "How's that for wet work?" he sneers after he plunges a knife into Viggo Mortensen.

Another great review, Pinar.

Excellent review, as usual my friend. Thank you.

I watched The Box about a week ago. I didn't find it boring or slow - I found it fascinating, and thought-provoking.

@william: I love the Michael Douglas line - he says he will give Viggo 500,000 tax free. he asks if it is just for walking away and douglas says: I said tax free. Not free. I find it a pretty film and it is fun to a level, but I did a review that points out how too stupid the characters all are, esp. gwyneth paltrow's.

@will and @ francois: thank you both so much

@ teresa: after I watched The Box, I was left with mixed feelings. I love James Marsden and Diaz and I do like how Richard Kelly's mind works. But something didn't hit home with that movie. it wasn't as engrossing or as fascinating to me as I expected it to be. the premise was so interesting, but it just didn't live up to it for me...

Really good!

Pinar, although I enjoyed it, I think I know what you mean, in a way. It was the idea that I found so interesting, and do agree that they could have done a bit more with the movie. There were some loose ends, which isn't always a bad thing, but, it's true, I was left feeling a little down. The idea of the movie, and the portrayal of how people can be when it comes to money, was what engrossed me though.

I haven't seen 'the box'. A good review, Pinar

@ susan: thanks. @phoenix: it could have been better, but it is an intriguing movie.

@teresa: after the movie ended, I read many interpretations. some thought the man with the box was the devil and cameron diaz's character was eve. it was weird how every button-pusher was female, wasn't it? :)