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Top 5 Movies Based On Saturday Night Live Characters

A look at the Top 5 Saturday Night Live-based movies.

Saturday Night Live is the cultural zeitgeist that helped revolutionised American TV comedy. Kick-starting in October 1975, it has re-mixed the sketch comedy and variety show formats into one cool whole. Parodying American culture/politics, many comic actors got mainstream recognition through SNL.

Through 37 seasons of the show, many cast members have come and gone. Many cast members have created characters that are unforgettable. Some have even been turned into feature films. Although some of these films got a critical mauling, unlike the TV show. Some have even achieved a cult status of their own.

Here below are the Top 5 SNL movies;

The Blues Brothers (1980)

Ah, the ultimate cult comedy film from the ultimate comedy TV show. John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd take their beloved characters of “Joliet” Jake and Elwood Blues, respectively, and took them to dizzying heights. The Blues brothers were the terrible duo who fronted The Blues Brothers’ Show Band.

The film kick starts with Jake being released from prison. Wondering out, he has that awkward Hello with Elwood. From here, they set off on that infamous “Mission From God”. That Mission? To save their former orphanage from closing. How? By reforming the band and doing gigs to raise cash for the orphanage.

Mixing music and laughs to captivate any audience, The Blues Brothers deserves its cult status. Highly quotable and guaranteed to make you laugh and tap your foot in equal measure. No one should ever miss this gem.

Zoolander (2001)

Ah, Ben Stiller. These days he captivates movie audiences across the globe with a variety of comedy films. Yet, after years in TV, his movie career truly took off with Zoolander. Foolish, yet good-natured, Zoolander is the top male model in America.

All goes down the pan, when a rival replaces him as the top male model. Lost and directionless, he winds up being recruited by a fashion mogul. From here, he’s brainwashed into assassinating the Malaysian Prime Minister. Sure, not a comical description. Yet, making fun of the buffoonery of male modelling, silliness runs through the veins of this film.

Too silly for some, yet its effectiveness lies here. It shows how silly male modelling can be. How funny is Zoolander? It’s got the David Bowie in it – in a cameo. That’s got to add some serious credentials.

Wayne’s World (1992)

Much like SNL itself, Wayne’s World is the zeitgeist of a generation. Featuring the titular Wayne and sidekick Garth, having fun on their Public-Access show. They are a pair of metalhead friends with polar opposite personalities. Likeable in their own ways, they make light of their hedonistic exploits.

The film follows this train of thought, expanding into one streamlined story. They see that their TV show being bought by a TV executive. Here they have a blend of “Stick-It-To-The-Man” and commercialism as a whole. All been done before, sure. Yet, the success of Wayne’s World lies in that it holds no pretentions.

Much like the characters, the film doesn’t pretend to be bigger and better than it is. Also like the characters, it’ll entertain you to no end. Which is all you can ask of a movie.

Coneheads (1993)

The “Coneheads” are a family living in New Jersey, just like any other. Except, they are an alien family, with heads in the shape of cones. That’s in case you couldn’t guess by the title [add knowing wink here].

Here, the family integrate into American society, and pursue the American Dream. At least, in a comical variation of it from an “immigrant’s” point-of-view. All the while being tracked by the government. Some of the inherent humour comes from the fact that nearly everyone isn’t too bemused by the shape of their heads.

Greatly enjoyable through its running time, The Coneheads is a rare treat in two ways. Firstly, it was made to entertain and nothing more. No Oscars, BAFTA’s, or whatever else. Just entertainment at its purest. Secondly, it’s an SNL film that worked too well.

Wayne’s World 2 (1993)

That’s right, a sequel making its way onto a Top 5 list. Sadly, some of the movies from SNL have a lot to be desired. Even still, Wayne’s World 2 is still a highly enjoyable movie.

Essentially taking off where they left, it sees Wayne and Garth see to making their own music festival. It’s almost parody of “coming-of-age” movies and the rock’n’roll lifestyle that’s now become somewhat clichéd.

Either way, although it doesn’t live up to the quality of the first film, it does provide consistent belly-laughs. All the way to the punch-line at the end, with Wayne’s conversation with the Native American. That alone is worth your money.

So, here it is. The five greatest films from SNL, all of which are as rib-tickling as the show itself.

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