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The Brooke Ellison Story: A TV Movie

The Brooke Ellison Story: A TV Movie, Brooke Ellison, Harverd's Forst Quadriplegic graduate

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                  For those who had been living a bleak, unhappy life despite standing on both feet and having able to perform an average human being’s functions to the edge and the accompanying psychological issues that follow, one need just watch this film and there should be some hope left to be scavenged out of life’s rubbles. Ironically, in our daily life we had been witness to many discouraging cases of people losing their grips to remain on track to keep up with life’s path of plain existence. The typical scenario of people jumping to their temporal success at one moment and plunging to their deaths the next day isn’t uncommon. In the controversial world of the entertainment industry alone, we see a lot of celebrities gracing the covers of news magazines day after day and learning one or two died the next day after drug overdose or some strange circumstances. This thing about life’s promises and hostile characteristics is not a myth.

                    The Brooke Ellison Story was Christopher Reeve’s (Superman film series) last monumental project as director following his death in 10 October 2004. This particular film was released for showing after Reeve’s death. Brooke Ellison was portrayed by Lacey Chabert and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (The Abyss) played being her mother who did the crucial part of being Brooke’s “hands and feet” in allowing her to live and cope up with life. Brooke’s normal life took a harsh course the moment she was hit by a car while crossing the street on her first day at junior high school in 1990. After medical treatment she was left paralyzed from the neck down. This meant she was unable to use her limbs and both hands owing to the injury incurred during her accident making her a quadriplegic the same as Christopher Reeve who was left in similar condition following an equestrian competition which had thrown him off a horse in 27 May 1995.

                   After Ellison’s condition was stabilised and she was able to get home and have that seat on a motorised wheelchair, the issue about her education became a challenge to her family which had only been won through the genuine effort of her mother who became her nurse and carer which was required by the school for her to attend classes in such condition. Now if we see in our everyday life people from affluent families sending their children to school and not seeing them out of it walking home with a diploma, Ellison’s case should be a challenge. She ultimately finished her high school from Ward Melville High School in 1996 with honours and pursued her college in Harvard University becoming its first quadriplegic graduate in 2000. Graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor of science in cognitive neuroscience, Ellison soon pursued graduate studies and earned a master’s degree in public policy in 2004 from Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. The Internet Movie Database rated the film 7.1 out of 10 assuring it to be an uplifting story to watch for everyone of us with fully functional hands and feet but occasionally shorted hearts and head (whenever our world goes haywire). I doubt if we have a doting mother willing to go the extra mile when we have chosen to be alone in venturing life’s treacherous opportunities, fortunately for Brooke Ellison, she had.



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Great story to know, thanks.

Hi Deep Blue, what an awesome inspiration. Thanks for the detailed account. I love your writing.

Another fantastic review. I will be getting this one for my wife for Christmas.

Inspiring story, kabayan. A good review.

Great review here Will.

how i wish i still have the luxury of watching TV

I know what you mean Nobert, well I always watch TV while writing my articles if I'm not in a hurry. Thanks for the comments, everyone.