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Beverly Hills, 90210: Teenagers Forever

An article about Beverly 90210.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" premiered on the then fresh network, "Fox" in the fall of 1990. The show centered around a group of wealthy teenagers that was almost unknown heard of at the time. The attractive cast became pop culture icons, and teen heart throbs even though many of the actors were much older than the teenagers that they were portraying on television. Luke Perry and Jason Priestley were the male actors that seemed to shoot to the top of Hollywood's limelight.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" was one of the first television shows that put hard-hitting issues in the middle of most of the early episodes. The show dealt with issues like teen sexuality, teen drug use, and sexual transmitted diseases. This made the television show somewhat controversial with parents and adults. The show also had romances, and a soapy appeal that made it enchanting to a wide variety of teens, young adults, and their parents. The show spawned an equally racy show that was immensely popular, night time drama, "Melrose Place."

The show worked because it was funny yet dramatic and chose to bring fantasy and reality mixed together. The television show started to bring mass appeal to the audience. A line of dolls, books, and even perfume were available for the fans to purchase and bring a little piece of "90210" glamor home to small town America.

Some characters and cast members changed over time, but the show just seemed to keep going almost naturally. As the teens grew and changed on the show, the audience seemed to be changing in the same manners in real life.

The characters moved on to college in the natural progression of life and seasons seemed to keep viewers riveted to their television's screens. In 2000, the teenagers were now full blown adults who had grown up, graduated high school and college, some characters became married and even parents. Life met art in a beautiful way, and a magic was forever made in TV history.

Many years after the characters have left the famous zip code, the show still left a valuable mark on pop culture. In 2008, the CW network launched a spin-off appropriately named, "90210." Several of the older past cast members appeared on the new show, but that same old magic was not the same as the original television show.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" is still one of my favorite television shows and will on in former teen hearts forever.

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It's one of my favorite show too.

Thank you, Yovita!

Everyone remember that!

Thank you, Faarasi!